What We Do

That’s who we are. That’s what we do. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. Our team creates amazing apps that work for you.
With great design come great apps. Amazing User Experiences are achieved through great design, both visual and behind the scenes. Our apps are beautiful inside and out.
We are your business. Our team of experts will provide industry-leading knowledge. And not just technical, our business analyst and strategist will cultivate success with you.


I think Paul Rand said it best, “Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated”

At SynApps Labs we couldn’t agree more. Everyday we are forced to interact with design, some beautiful, simple, and even elegant. Unfortunately not everything is though. At SynApps Labs, we make really complex apps but our design dictates the human experience.

Leading with design, we take a lean approach, simple sketches, whiteboard drawings go a very long way when trying to create and capture that rich user experience we all love. From the whiteboard to the pixel perfect device in your hand, SynApps Labs will lead you on your journey from idea to market! We will make the connections.


Applications are boring! Apps are fun! But just like any other software out there, mobile apps are complex and faced with many different obstacles when compared to traditional development. For example the App marketplaces demand new, fresh content to keep up with the demands of mobile users. The Operating Systems (OS) also change much more frequently than their desktop/laptop counterparts.

SynApps Labs understands the mobile space. We are the mobile space! Our engineers have developed proprietary frameworks specific to the needs of the healthcare world. That means we have field test and proven frameworks for HIPAA compliance and other regulatory agencies.

Our apps are beautiful inside and out. Our engineers are artist too! We take great pride in creating the best apps in the healthcare space. SynApps Labs will lead you on your journey from idea to market! We will make the connections.


Our experts know healthcare. Our experts know technology. Our experts know mobile. At SynApps Labs we can advise your business on long term technology strategies, mobile road mapping, even regulatory compliance issues.

SynApps Labs will work with you and your teams to ensure goals align, ROI is proven, and the future is well laid out!

Who We Are


•   noun \ˈsi-ˌnaps, sə-ˈnaps\

The point at which a nerve impulse is relayed from the terminal portion of an axon to the dendrites of an adjacent neuron.


•  noun \ˈsi-ˌnaps, sə-ˈnaps\

The point at which technology meets design. The crossroad of science, technology, and amazing. The point where impossible is possible. Where connections are made.

SynApps Labs is focused on what we know, healthcare, life sciences, and engineering. Its who we are, its what we do.